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A group coaching program for coaches to strategically

grow their business & get more clients.

Hey Coach, you've got the skills and the heart to help a lot of people - your next step is to build a solid business that will reach the people who need you.

Look, I get it - you are here to coach and help people, you didn't start this to become the next marketing wiz.

But nowadays, if you want to get coaching clients online - you need a marketing plan that will consistently bring in new clients for you.

That's where my zone of genius lies - you are not alone.

I've helped hundreds of coaches launch a coaching business. I've got the roadmap for you - we will customize your strategy to you and your goals and you'll be seeing clients and money very soon.

This is for you if..

  • You need help creating clear your messaging that clients are drawn to.
  • You need a brand that reflects your personality and your business.
  • You want to create better content that isn't boring and all over the place.
  • You want to grow your audience on social media and reach ideal clients.
  • You need to learn how to promote your offers.
  • You want to write copy that converts into $$$.
  • You want to learn how to do sales calls that feel easy and laid back.

Business Institute for Coaches is a 3-month, high level group coaching program designed to take coaches from a struggling online presence to a sold out, full time coaching business.

You’ll fully understand what you need to do to promote your business online and you’ll have the step by step plan to make sure you get long term results.

There are four stages of launching & growing an online coaching business:

Stage 1: Creating systems and procedures, creating a clear and aligned brand and creating clear messaging.

Stage 2: Growing an audience full of ideal clients using social media strategies, landing interviews and networking.

Stage 3: Nurturing the community you've built with content, free gifts and live webinars.

Stage 4: Creating a launch plan and sales strategy to guarantee new clients.

We are going to customize a business plan that you’ll use for years to come.

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Hi, I'm Courtney.

I'm a Business Strategist for Coaches, specializing in marketing strategies, messaging and sales. I help my clients grow their social media accounts to close clients and make sales.

I've been in the coaching industry since 2008, I worked on the teams of very successful 7-figure coaching companies as a business manager and account manager. I know launching and selling coaching businesses like it's 2+2.

Since then, I've helped many coaches build six figure coaching businesses and supported some of the biggest names in the industry.

I have worked with every coaching niche imaginable and I know exactly what it takes to scale a coaching business.

I break down high level marketing strategies so you can understand what we are doing and how to easily get it done. That way, your only job is to choose what feels right for you, we make the business plan that will meet your goals and I'll be there for each stage of the journey.

Here's what you'll get inside Business Institute for Coaches..

An online training program you have lifetime access to. There are over 30 quick and concise training videos and PDF's that walk you through what to do each week during the program (see below for list of topics).

Customizable scripts and guidelines for how to pitch yourself, how to respond to prospective clients and how to write social media content.

12 weekly group coaching calls on zoom for Q&A with Courtney to ask questions and get feedback on your marketing plan.

A private group for BIC students to network with each other, post questions and get support in between coaching calls.

Enrollment closed, waitlist for the next round:

Only 15 spots available - Apply right now to secure your spot!

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What students have to say..


Frequently asked questions..

This is NOT for you if..


  • You don’t feel ready to coach clients and need more training on how to facilitate coaching calls.
  • You don’t know if you want a business or you view this as a side gig or passion project.
  • You plan to quit in 6 months or this is your last attempt if this doesn’t work right away.
  • You aren’t ready to learn the strategy and implement right away.

Just some of the alumni..

Enrollment closed, waitlist for the next round:

Only 15 spots available - Apply right now to secure your spot!

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