Whatever you need help with, I will help you figure it out. You’re probably not struggling with just one specific thing. It’s usually a combination of things and needing to get clear on the right plan of action. That’s where I get the birds eye view of what’s going on then we hone in on what needs to be done. You name your goal, we’ll get you there.
Usually something is blocking you from sales. It might be internal mindset blocks, it might be your audience quality, it might be your workload. We’ll know once we start digging and I’ll be right there to support you while we figure it out. 
Think of me like your mentor on speed dial. Which, you do actually get access to text me between sessions to ask questions. You reach out and I’ll help you get through whatever is going on. Whether it’s encouragement or how to respond to an inquiry, I got you.
The program:
I work with two types of clients: 
Tier I making 0 - $5,000 a month in their business 
Tier II making $5,000 or more a month in their business 
We work together for 3 months at a time, 1 one hour call a week where I take notes.You’ll have access to text and audio messages in between sessions.
We’ll go over pricing once we’ve met on a zoom call and we decide if this is the best program for you. Send in an application to share some information about your business and I’ll be in touch to set up that zoom call.

Kim, Six Figure Fit Pregnancy Coach

"Courtney helped me hit my first 5-figure month! I went from 8k months to an 18k month! I would highly recommend Courtney as a coach. She has so much experience and knew exactly what my business was missing."

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Amanda, Six Figure Yoga Teacher Trainer

While working with Courtney I had my biggest launch of all- I made 20k in ONE WEEKEND! I also increased my prices and FINALLY hired an assistant to take care of things I didn’t want to do! While working with Courtney I made over 60K!

Carly, Mom's Anxiety Coach

"I booked myself out with private clients, launched a full group coaching program, created and successfully launched an online course and grew my audience by 5x."

Once you've learned the basics, a generalized business plan isn't going to work for you. That's why we customize the plan. We make it work for you. I can see your gifts and talents, I know how to bring the very best of you out. Pair that with over a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs market their businesses online and you'll be bringing in the revenue you dream of.

There are several ways I work with clients one on one, depending on each persons individual needs and desires. We'll find which option works best for you! Apply to enroll now!

Amelia, Six Figure Writer, Speaker, Coach

"This woman deserves coach of the century award! Courtney helped me find the confidence to do a Ted talk and so much more this year, including 5x my income. I’m consistently doing $20,000 months."

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Apply below to answer the questionnaire so I can learn more about you and assess if your business is ready for the next level.

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Julia, Life & Career Coach

"I scaled from 5K months to 20K months! The kind of results you read about but don't think are possible (until they happen to you)!"

Some of the private client alumni: