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  • Are you ready to make big money with your coaching business?
  • Do you need to grow your audience and reach more people?
  • Do you want to be booked out with clients?

If YES, I gotchu.


The Private Coaching Program is a four month program for coaches ready to scale their business and income to the next level.

You'll receive a completely customized coaching program focused on what YOU need.

We're going to bring your business to new heights!

This is perfect for you if..

This is perfect for you if..
  • You want the best marketing strategies to scale your business.
  • You are over the struggle bus and want to get the cash flowing.
  • You know what you're capable of if you had support and a plan to do it.
This is perfect for you if..

you know you're ready...

You're done playing small.

You're ready to make a full time income as a coach.

You're ready to have clients begging to work with you.

You're ready to bring your work into the world.

I'm ready to grow my business

from my private clients

"This woman deserves coach of the century award! Courtney helped me find the confidence to do a Ted talk and so much more this year, including 5x my income. I’m consistently doing $20,000 months. She’s incredible. When I came to Courtney I asked her to help me level up. She did. By helping me look at myself, my emotions the way I responded in my business. She challenged me to consistency, vulnerability, and something even better than discipline - devotion. She’s seen me cry, she’s pushed me, challenged me, celebrated me. But more than all the strategy, resources and financial success - she held the mirror for me."
Amelia Travis, Six Figure Business Coach
"In the four months we worked together, I booked myself out with private clients, launched a full group coaching program, created and successfully launched an online course and grew my audience by 5x. Her audience growth strategies and storytelling method for content are rock solid and I started seeing positive feedback within a week of working with her.

Courtney is so much more than a business coach. While marketing strategies is what she offers, it was the mindset work and deep understanding of me as a person that she surprised me with. I experienced a shifting of my mindset from business being stressful and draining to it feeling fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful. She was able to call me out when I was playing small. She developed a deep understanding of my personality and knew just when to push me forward or rein me in.

Courtney is passionate, honest and dedicated to your success. I have absolutely zero regrets working with Courtney, and you won’t have any either."
Carly Crewe, Mom's Anxiety Coach
"While working with Courtney I had my biggest launch of all- I made 20k in ONE WEEKEND! I also increased my prices and FINALLY hired an assistant to take care of things I didn’t want to do! While working with Courtney I made over 60K! Courtney was amazing at helping me see the bigger picture, she’d walk me through how much money it was possible for me to make from various launches. Courtney REALLY helped me understand how to speak to and attract my ideal client. She taught me how to write the BEST Instagram captions ever! She taught me how to turn all the potential buyers who were lurking in my DMs- into CLIENTS! I highly recommend Courtney as a business coach! She will give you the kick in the butt you need, help you cut out your excuses and will be your biggest cheerleader! "
Amanda Kelly, Six Figure Yoga Business Coach
"Courtney helped me hit my first 5-figure month! I went from 8k months to an 18k month! I would highly recommend Courtney as a coach. She has so much experience and knew exactly what my business was missing. Before working with Courtney, my business was making money, but I had no plan and I had no idea how I was going to grow or scale. She answered all of my questions and gave me the clarity and direction I craved. She was able to identify my strengths. Courtney helped me grow and scale my business. She helped me develop a group coaching program that made over $9600 in 2 weeks!"
Kim Perry, Fit Pregnancy Coach
"Definitely one of the best decisions I've made. Courtney was an exceptional coach that I knew I could rely on whenever I had questions or concerns. She was always there to cheer me up and remind me that I have what it takes to have a successful business. In 4 months, I went from being a VA, to being an OBM, to doubling my 9-5 income and becoming a coach myself so I can help other inspiring women become Virtual Assistants and make money from their laptop. Working with Courtney really got me out of my comfort zone and I'm so grateful that I decided to go for it!"
Kara Fillion, Six Figure Business Coach for VA's & OBM's
"Oh my goodness, WHERE DO I START?? Through working with Courtney, I generated five figures in my very first month of business, and sold out my spots for the rest of the year, and Q1 of next year. Courtney truly knows her stuff, and was also incredibly patient, responsive, and heart-centered. She helped with absolutely everything I needed to know to launch my coaching business and get clients - from the tech to the Instagram content - I was fully equipped. Even better is that she's given me a 'game plan' of what I need to do to keep scaling my business, which includes incorporating passive income. My learning curve was cut in half, and I'm over the moon I signed up. It sounds dramatic but my life truly has changed through working with Courtney - not just financially, but from a personal point of view, too. I now know what's possible, and that I'm totally capable of making it happen. Would recommend her to anyone, 1000%."
Sarah Airey, Product Based Business Coach
"Courtney has prepared me so much for the future of my business that I know in the next year I will be making 6 figures. Courtney taught me the skills I needed to grow my audience's trust, spread my message effectively, build a community, and make MONEY!"
Keanna Wong, Binge Eating Coach
"Since working with Courtney, my Instagram account has grown by 1000 followers, I get tons more engagement, and that engagement leads to inquiries, sales calls, and clients. I would definitely recommend hiring Courtney if you want a no-nonsense, strategy based, results driven coach who knows her sh*t."
Natalie Turner, Confidence Coach
"My business grew when I worked with Courtney immensely. In the 3 months of working together, I took on 8 new clients at a price that was more than 5x what I was originally charging. She held me to a standard that I was not holding myself to. Aside from the actual business work, Courtney helped me have major breakthroughs with my money mindset and discovering my REAL ‘why’ which have been game changers in the way potential clients interact with me and how I produce meaningful content."
Samantha Russo, Fitness Coach
"If you want to get your business off the ground but need support that is solid, thorough, inspiring and has utter integrity then Courtney is most definitely the woman to go to. Three months down the line I can't quite believe where I am now."
Michelle Newman, Career Coach
"You know someone is a good coach when you jump off your first call with her & text all of your entrepreneurial friends her information & an all caps "HIRE HER." Yes, Courtney is THAT good. I am so grateful to have Courtney on this journey with me & cannot recommend her enough."
Kristen Reiche, Health Coach
"I’ve been consistent in my business, quit my full-time job and am on the right track to success! She helped me refine my ideal client and really create content that spoke to that one person. I even have ideal clients reach out because of my content and then became paying clients!"
Courtney Kreuger, Health & Fitness Coach
"She took me from zero to full-blown business in our 3 months working together. There’s no doubt in my mind that working with Courtney put my business on the fast track to success. She helped me do in 3 months what would have taken me a year. I’m happy to say that I am already booking sales calls and getting clients with my baby business and I have Courtney to thank for making me put myself out there consistently. "
Niki Ferguson, Financial Coach
"After each session with her I would see results after implementing what we discussed. She was able to give perspective and wisdom to my business which gave me the confidence to reach all of my business goals. If you’re on the fence about hiring Courtney, just go for it. I’m here to tell you that you will not regret your decision to work with her. She is an invaluable asset to any entrepreneur out there."
April Kurtyka, Anxiety & Depression Coach
"I have it that her level of honesty and demand that I put the work in is what made generating 4 new clients over our 4 months of working together possible. And, those results made the investment pay for itself! Going from maybe 50 Facebook friends and virtually no online presence to those results was a huge win for me."
Christina Stathopoulos, Life & Business Coach
"I absolutely recommend Courtney as a business coach! Before I started working with Courtney my business was chaotic, inconsistent and full of self-sabotage. I felt like I could bring anything to the table and she was able to give me direction. She gave tips and strategies that I would have never even considered prior to working with her. She was able to help me work through my own limiting beliefs and called me out (in the most loving way possible) when I wasn't seeing the whole picture.

Within two weeks of working with Courtney, I started to get people DM'ing ME without me reaching out at all. She gave me her honest opinion about the need to grow my audience and exactly how to do it. I feel that I am walking away knowing exactly the steps I need to take to grow my audience, land podcast interviews, and write engaging content that speaks to my ideal client."
Sara Olszewski, Weight Loss Coach
"Courtney has been able to help me see some blind spots I've had in growing my business. Her intuitive, knowledgeable and creative support has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and better serve my business, my clients, and myself with greater awareness and understanding! Having Courtney as my business coach has propelled me forward in new directions I didn't see were possible. Thank you."
Justine Miller, Ayurvedic Health Coach
"Right away Courtney changed my outlook, made me get out of my comfort zone, and helped me see the next chapter in life. (Tearing up right now) Courtney is sweet and energetic, with out ever making you feel overwhelmed. She knows how to get on your level with things and work from there. I will (and have) recommend Courtney to EVERYONE for ANY coaching business. She is that ray of sunshine you need because she genuinely cares about helping you become a better coach and won’t quit til she sees you believe in yourself. LOVE YOU COURT!!"
Dani Power, Health & Fitness Coach
"Courtney is an amazing coach who will help you identify exactly who you are and the direction you are going in the online space. She is very knowledgeable about growing a business online and the systems needed to succeed. Thank you for all your help Court!"
Elle Lorenzetti, Skin Care Coach
"Before I started working with Courtney, I knew very little about social media marketing and I didn't really have an audience. Courtney taught me SO much. She provided a structured approach so that I could make the best use of my time. Courtney also gave me great strategies so I could build my audience. If I hadn't worked with Courtney, I know that my audience wouldn't have grown, and I would have just been stuck in the same place where I started. I'm so glad I hired Courtney!"
Mallory Nalley, ADHD Coach
"Courtney really knows her stuff and is a true expert! She helped me gain clarity on how to run my business from a macro perspective (looking at the whole year), up my prices, and how to talk to potential clients. Courtney encouraged me to reach out for collaborations, which she gave me the perfect thing to say, and now I will be interviewing someone who has been on Oprah! I wish I could work with Courtney 365 days a year - her coaching is truly valuable and she really cares about you and your business by going above and beyond!"
Khrystle Rea, Health Coach
"Working with Courtney was amazing! It felt like weights were lifted off my shoulders. I no longer had to figure it all out on my own. Her coaching style was a great balance of pushing me out of my comfort zone in a way that made me feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. In my second week working with Courtney I booked my first paying client! Soon after we doubled my pricing and I now offer a group coaching program along with one on one coaching! Courtney gave me the confidence, direction and marking tools I needed and I am forever grateful for her! "
Jaclyn Pipa, Weight Loss Coach
"During my time with Courtney, the story that I created that I wasn't good enough to be a coach was dismantled and in its place a new found confidence and message that I feel GREAT about. She broke down the business of coaching in an easy, digestible format, gave me action items to complete each week, and when I was just feeling like I couldn't go on, she knew exactly what to say to move through those emotions. Now my audience is building, I'm reaching target clients, and I launched a podcast that I know is going to change the world. This is all because of Courtney's guidance and the space she held for me and my dreams. Thank you Courtney. You have changed my life."
Jessica Milanes, Fertility Coach
"Courtney is an amazing coach. She truly understands how to coach you on an emotional level. She pushes you outside your comfort zone and helps you eradicate your fears that may be holding you back from performing in your business. While working with Courtney, I was able to sign clients and begin coaching them before my time with Courtney even ended! She walked me through step by step on how to add coaching services to my business model. Courtney knows running a coaching business like the back of her hand. If you want clients, hire Courtney."
Chynell Moore, Business Coach for Teachers
"Courtney helped me reframe what started as a hobby blog into a legitimate coaching business. Not only did she give me the tools to present myself and my work in the best light, but she offered me positive inspiration on those inevitable bad days when I was feeling frustrated and wondering if any of it was working. It was so nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and get help with copy and strategy. I now feel more confident with the work I’m doing and the direction I’m heading. Thank you, Courtney!"
Kelly Page, Health Coach
"Within less than 6 weeks I had my first client enrolled in my new program! I would recommend Courtney to anyone who needs help in putting all the pieces together and making something worth selling that people actually want to buy. If I hadn’t worked with Courtney I would still be floundering around trying to figure out how-to make it work and getting frustrated. She gave me the tools I needed to accurately showcase what I offer to others so that they are clear on how I can help them. She gave me the power to light my bat signal, if you will. So that I now shine it bright for others to see and know that I'm the coach for them. Courtney made me feel heard and supported. She listened to my ideas and gave me honest feedback on them. I would recommend Courtney to anyone who needs help in putting all the pieces together and making something worth selling that people actual want to buy. Thank you, Courtney! "
Johnna Matthews, Life Coach
"Within 4 sessions with Courtney, I found a spiritually aligned niche, message, branding…we developed an entire vision. We dove into past childhood traumas, the enneagram and codependency. I found more healing working with Courtney than I have with bodyworkers or talk therapists. In that healing, I found my message. I hired Courtney after building my first 6 figure company in the yoga & wellness world. To say my expectations were high would be an understatement. She constantly challenged me, asked the hard questions but made it feel effortless. She truly taught me how to authentically be a coach. While working with Courtney, I hired my first client, launched my first group coaching program and have been showing up fearlessly and effortlessly to an audience of my ideal clients."
Gabriella DeLorenze, Abundance Coach
" I was able to land my first paying client within a month of working with Courtney! Working with her one on one felt like I could be myself with her and that she was very transparent about being in my shoes at one point. I never felt alone and It was very helpful to know that someone else could help me see the glass half full in times when i needed the support the most! If I didn't work with Courtney as a business coach. I probably wouldn't have a business to be honest. She gave me the structure and guidance I needed to really grow my audience and business! I would highly recommend hiring Courtney as a Business coach. If you're looking to level up in your business. She's your girl!"
Shawnell Miller, Mindset Coach
"I was always hesitant when it came to marketing and had no idea what I was doing before working with Courtney. This side of business was a whole new world for me, so it was amazing to have her walk me through the process step by step. Honestly, I was not making any money from my business before I started working with her. I knew I had the skill-set to help people on a large scale, but was held back because I didn't know how to reach my clients effectively and charge for my services. In about two months after working with Courtney, I overcame these barriers and almost sold out on my first coaching launch. I have now secured clients for the next 3 months, which I could not have imagined happening given where I started. She opened the door for making my business profitable and for me being able to help more people! What I learned from her is invaluable, thanks so much Courtney!"
Leyla Bagheri, Performance & Well-being Coach


How does the program work?

Every week you'll join a coaching call for just you and I. You'll leave every call with a google document of notes and specific homework customized to your business. Calls are used for coaching, Q&A and business strategy. Your online course materials are available 24/7 to reference and learn marketing strategies. You'll have direct access to my email to for support in between coaching calls.

What is included in this program?

You'll get access to all of my online training videos with your own login to the online portal.

How long is private coaching?

I work with my one on one coaching clients for four months at a time. This gives us enough time for you to learn EVERYTHING I know and scale your business business.

Is there an option for a payment plan?

Yes! Check out the payment plan options when you checkout.

Can I see more testimonials?

Yup, I've got plenty! Check out this page

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