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“I’m consistently doing $20,000 months. She’s incredible. When I came to Courtney, I asked her to help me level up. She did.” - Amelia T.

“My learning curve was cut in half, and I’m over the mood I signed up. It sounds dramatic but my life truly has changed through working with Courtney.” - Sara A.

“If you want to get your business off the ground but need support that is solid, thorough, inspiring and has utter integrity then Courtney is most definitely the woman to go to. Three months down the line, I can’t quite believe where I am now.” - Michelle N.


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You are here to make a larger impact and help people.
The Business School is here to make sure those people can find you.


This is for you if...

  • You are just starting to build your coaching business and want to make sure you build it the right way and don't waste your time.


  • You have been in this for a while and you can’t figure out why your business hasn’t taken off like a rocket like everyone else.


  • You need more engagement from your ideal clients that choose to work with you over the thousands of other online coaches.


  • You need exposure online and to grow your audience to get consistent leads.

Coaching is a BILLION dollar industry and demand is growing.
Set yourself up for success with a fulfilling career.

Imagine If...

  • You were making thousands of dollars each month in your coaching business.. Paying off your debt, living the lifestyle you dream of and helping your own clients to transform their life!


  • You are recognized for being a leader in your field doing the REAL work helping people to truly heal and achieve their goals.


  • You step into your full potential and show up on social media like that leader you truly are.


  • You have a full client roster and waiting list because of the incredible transformation you provide your people.


  • You work with the most badass, amazing clients who have been praying for a coach like you.

A word from Business School for Coaches Alumni:


If you want to achieve results like these coaches then click the button below to claim your spot today!

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Become a master at:

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Niche Training

Discover who your ideal client is and learn how to create messaging that will speak directly to them.

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Entrepreneur Mindset 

Learn how to navigate the rollercoaster of building a business, imposter syndrome and fear of failure/success.

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Systems & Set up

You'll set up a legit business that has a strong foundation to serve you and your clients for years to come.

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You'll learn what to do to make best use of your time. Learn the quickest way to monetize to six figures.

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Content Creation

Learn the secret to creating high engagement content for social media.

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Program Creation

Learn how to create amazing coaching programs that provide the transformation your clients are looking for.

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Audience Growth

You'll learn different ways to grow your audience with ideal clients who want to buy from you.

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Sales Strategy

Learn how to book sales calls, how to guide a call and how to close a sale with a YES!

Meet Your Coach, Courtney Baker

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Hey girl, it's your turn to build an amazing coaching business.

I know what it's like to feel deep down that you are made for more and want to use your experiences to help others but not know how to make it happen.

That's where I come in. I'm a wiz when it comes to marketing strategies. I got my start in 2008 on the marketing teams for high level six and seven figure coaches. I've seen a lot through the years and I've brought the best of it all into The Business School for Coaches.

I specialize in helping people like you, who have a giant mission to serve, to reach the people that need your help.

I've helped hundreds of women build coaching businesses and make really good money doing it. I'll teach you how to do it too. Get ready for everything to change.

xo Court

The Details:

The Business School for Coaches is a three month program designed to teach you everything you need to know to create a successful coaching business.

All training materials are provided in a BRAND NEW video course and a workbook. You will have life time access to these trainings.

Coaching calls will be held each week in an open question & answer format. This allows the greatest use of our coaching time together to work on each members current needs.

Additional support is provided in our private community Facebook group where Courtney will answer questions and cheer you on throughout the duration of the program.

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Shannon, Fitness Coach

I love how down to earth her coaching style is, giving you tangible action steps and strategy to move your business forward. Courtney is a true expert in her field and takes the time to give your business the one on one attention it needs to succeed! I cannot recommend her enough!

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Molly, Intuitive Eating Coach

Not only did she give me actionable steps, but she has this gentle personality but also maintains the "listen, get your shit done" accountability piece. It was the EXACT type of energy and guidance that I needed. I cannot recommend working with Courtney enough.

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Kim, Fit Pregnancy Coach

I went from 8k months to an 18k month! Courtney helped me develop a group coaching program that made over $9600 in 2 weeks! I would highly recommend Courtney as a coach. She has so much experience and knew exactly what my business was missing.

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Amanda, Yoga TT & Coach

I had my biggest launch of all- I made 20k in ONE WEEKEND! While working with Courtney I made over 60K! I highly recommend Courtney as a business coach! She will give you the kick in the butt you need, help you cut out your excuses and will be your biggest cheerleader! 

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Carly, Anxiety Coach

I sold out my group coaching program, my private clients, launched an online course and grew my audience by 5x. Courtney is so much more than a business coach. While marketing strategies and business savvy is what she offers, the mindset work and deep understanding of me as a person that she surprised me with!

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Michelle, Network Marketing Coach

I was able to fill my 1:1 Coaching Program during the time we worked together AND have a group of over 100 very targeted leads that will be perfect for my group coaching program. I’m so glad I took the plunge! Having someone keep you accountable to your plans is key!!!


Click below if you are ready to invest in yourself to change not only your own life but the lives of others!

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