I’m glad you made it here.

I’ll share anything you want to know - from how my own business works, how I dealt with challenges and how to stay in the game.

 I’ve consulted with business owners in all types of industries and helped them create original strategies and ways to create buzz for their brand. When you and I work together, you’ll get access to all of that experience and wisdom.

My brain is like a library full of different strategies that can be used to get to the goal of having a thriving business. We’ll figure out what you need and what will work best for you. We’ll figure out what’s holding you back and then we’ll create a strategic plan that you’re excited to take action on.

After all these years, this is my golden rule - you have to be hyped about it for it to work.

Consumers want to feel confident in what and who they invest their money in. They are going to buy from someone who is lit up about their product or service. So that’s what we’re going to work on.

We’ll get you fired up and discover the plan that gets you exposure to customers. It’s easier said than done but not to worry, this is my zone of genius. I’ve got you.


You ready? 

Let’s go.

Courtney is a business coach and consultant for business owners who are marketing online. She is an expert in online marketing strategies, helping many clients reach six figures.

From her start working on the marketing teams that supported high level coaches with six and seven figure incomes to creating her own coaching business that scaled from zero to over $200,000 in just a year, Courtney Baker is a strategy wiz. She made her first six figures with an audience of 3,000 people and teaches her clients to do the same.

She is the host of Strategy Station Podcast and specializes in helping entrepreneurs learn marketing strategies that bring in the money. Courtney ha a decade of experience working in the digital marketing industry and continues to expand her skills building two brand new businesses.

fun facts (hover to uncover)...

Born and raised in New England

Lives in Arizona (now) Lived in New Hampshire, New York, Virginia, Los Angeles, San Diego, Arizona, Boston

Renovated a van and traveled up and down the east coast of america.

Worked many different jobs before what you see now - vegetable farm, ski resort, bartender, doctors office, pot farm, a sperm bank, live in nanny, retail and gyms

Coffee order - iced coffee with hazelnut and almond milk

Has overcome - anxiety, depression, SH, eating disorder and addiction. I will never judge you. <3